eQualified Qualifications


eQualified is a global industry-managed system for qualifying special process aerospace personnel.  

WHY eQualified?

eQualified has been created to address two major workforce challenges facing the aerospace industry:

  • Global skills crisis and succession planning
  • Ability to assess the special process skills of a global workforce to ensure consistent, high standards can be sustained

Participation in the eQualified program brings value both to the individual and employers. With regard to personnel competency validation, eQualified empowers all parties to influence, collaborate and be part of the change taking place in industry.

For the Employer

  • Qualifying internal staff: verify the competency of special process staff to industry agreed standards
  • Qualifying external supply chain personnel: encouraging, or mandating where appropriate, the supply chain to take eQualified exams, verifying their capability to perform special process tasks
  • Qualifying internal auditors: provides a system of skills verification for the staff of Prime or Tier One companies who carry out Supplier Audits.

For the Individual

  • Self-directed personal development for special process staff


eQualified leverages the combined knowledge of aerospace industry experts to develop and maintain special process Bodies of Knowledge (baseline knowledge and experience required to be considered competent for a target position) and examinations, which form the desired global aerospace industry standard for special process activities.

The program offers three levels of qualification. The type of assessment used is dependent on the level of qualification (see below). The examinations are taken online and are controlled and documented in accordance with a written practice in order to evaluate and verify the individual’s capability, skill or knowledge.

Process Operator – Understand and perform the basic hands-on operations of the special process. Qualification is through online multiple choice exam.

Process Planner– Capable of selecting manufacturing processes and interpreting process procedures to conform to customer specifications and requirements. Capable of problem solving and resolving day-to-day issues.Qualification is through online multiple choice exam and forms a pre-requisite for Owner level qualification.

Process Owner  – Capable of writing, reviewing and approving processes, procedures and qualifications of lower levels (Operator and Planner). Capable of designing new processes and resolving issues on all other levels. Qualification is based on a submitted portfolio including Planner level exam results, experience survey, resume and employer sign-off.

Training is not mandatory to complete the examinations but eQualified approves training providers. A list will be available at http://equalified.org. Please contact us for more details.


Useful Documents

Introduction to eQualified

eQualified Welcome Pack

Code of Conduct

To learn more or take an eQualified exam, please go to http://equalified.org or contact any of the following:


Bethany Bauer
eQualified Coordinator
+1 724 772 8644


Hannah Godfrey
General Manager, PRI Europe & Manager, Professional Development
+ 44 (0) 870 350 5011


Liu Le
Manager, PRI Asia/Pacific
+ 86 10 6461 9807