Transportation & Power Generation


PRI developed an accreditation program based on the aerospace industry’s Nadcap program.

TPG is a program that improves quality and reduces costs through improving manufacturing process controls and performance, reducing compliance risk, and eliminating potential redundant audits.

Accreditation is achieved after having an audit conducted by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute and participating in an industry-managed audit review process. Accredited companies feature on a Qualified Manufacturers List, which is accessed by Quality and Procurement professionals to source suppliers.

The program rules are being modeled on the aerospace industry’s Nadcap program, but the TPG program will evolve over time. All stakeholders, including Suppliers, are encouraged to help shape the program by sharing input and feedback. PRI worked with GE Transportation to develop the initial implementation.

GE Transportation, as part of its commitment to the highest standards of quality, has begun requiring that its special process Suppliers obtain a Transportation and Power Generation accreditation.


  • Enables real-time and consistent supplier quality management
  • Provides industry-wide early warning advisories (for potential product impact and escapes)
  • Improves flow down of customer requirements to sub-tier suppliers
  • Provides complete visibility of supplier behaviors and transparency of audit results
  • Promotes sharing of best practices and continual improvement of process
  • Promotes Continuous Improvement philosophy and a culture of compliance, for all participants
  • Reduces likelihood and cost of redundant audits by several OEMs
  • Raises profile and effectiveness of Quality leadership by enabling more focus on problem areas
  • Suppliers benefit by improving controls, lean manufacturing approach, etc.
  • Allows for significant travel savings

Scope of accreditation:

  • Castings
  • Electronics
  • Heat Treating
  • NonDestructive Testing
  • Surface Enhancement
  • Welding

If you want to learn more about the TPG program or have an interest in participating, please contact