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From 1943, the US Army had qualified lubricants to its specifications, partly based on recommendations from an advisory body that it sponsored. Then in 1977, the US Army contracted SAE International to review and make recommendations on candidate products based on military performance specifications.

SAE created the Lubricant Review Institute, which established a Gear Lubricant  Review Committee.  This allows the US Army to retain responsibility for approving and qualifying products to its specifications. PRI has been involved in the Lubricant Review Institute since 1998, when SAE transferred the administrative function to us and a Qualified Product List was developed.

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Current QPL Listing – September 5, 2019 Version

LRI Committee Meeting Schedule

The LRI Committee currently meets four times per year.

2019 Lubricant Review Institute (LRI) Committee Meeting Schedule 

Letters to Industry

GL-01-18 – L37 Gleason Testing Data

Archived as of November 30, 2014

Letters to Industry LOG

As of February 22, 2018


Pricing Structure Information for LRI Activities

LRI Program Document PD4000 Rev L – 10 May 2018

In order to obtain a candidate gear lubricant evaluation and to conduct a physical presentation to the LRI Committee, the following Instructions for Initial Presentation shall be utilized.

Listing on the PRI-QPL

To list the evaluated and approved gear lubricant on the LRI Qualified Products List (LRI QPL), utilize the instructions for Original Qualification for Listing on the Qualified Product List (QPL).  The term for qualification for each listing shall not exceed five (5) years.

Requalification Process

To requalify a gear lubricant after the five year period, follow the Requalification Instructions.

Reblends and Rebrands

The Qualifying Activity (PRI) will allow reblends/rebrands of qualified products by a second manufacturer with the manufacturing facility’s approval.  The Reblending/Rebranding Requests of Qualified Products Instructions apply.

Company Name Change

If a company that currently holds a listing on the LRI Qualified Products List (QPL) changes their company name and/or address, the Supplier Change of Address Form must be completed and submitted as instructed.

LRI Forms

The following forms apply to the instructions listed above.  All of the forms are in a WORD format.


1 Original Qualification

#2 Reblend of Original  Qualification

#3 Reblend Request for Qualification

#4 Rebrand for Qualification

#5 Rebrand Request for Qualification

RGL Forms

1  D5704 Calibration Test Results

#2  D7038 Calibration Test Results

#3 D6121/D8165 Calibration Test Results

#4  L-42 Calibration Test Results


GL Forms

#0 – Summary of Reference and Candidate Lubricant Programs

#1 – Program Submission and Committee Recommendation

#2 – Gear Lubricant Formulation and Inspection Data

#2a – Supplementary Gear Lubricant Formulation Inspection Data

#3 – Gear Lubricant Laboratory Performance Results

#3a – Gear Lubricant Laboratory Performance Results