Aerospace QPL


PRI publishes an aerospace QPL – a listing of manufacturers who have received a PRI product qualification approval letter to a specific standard for specific product designations and plant locations.


Participation in the PRI-QPL program provides benefits to the Users and Suppliers.

Users such as the OEMs, Government and airlines benefit from reducing second party testing and reporting of test results, maximizing User resources, maximizing competition without the loss of quality and avoidance of costs associated with maintaining their own QPLs.

Suppliers benefit from the Qualified Products List program by ensuring fairness among competitors; utilizing a consistent approach to qualification of product and initial qualification data provided to a wider industry base, resulting in elimination of redundant testing and qualification processes.




  1. Obtain a copy of the applicable standard at
  2. Obtain a copy of the applicable QPL Program Document on
  3. Pay special attention to requirements such as:
    a) 9100
    b) 17025 Lab, QPG Witness
    c) Determine Test Plan requirements per the specification/Program Document
    d) Nadcap Audit Requirement
  4. Contact PRI and submit:
    a) A completed application
    b) Valid Nadcap Accreditation Certificate (if applicable)
    c) 9100 Certificate
    d) Test Plan
    e) Test Report – including Cover Sheet stating the results

All approval letters will be provided electronically

NOTE:  The Supplier is to submit this information marked “Proprietary”


The PRI QPL program is managed by the Qualified Products Management Council (QPMC) made up of representatives from Industry and Government.

To view the Qualified Products Listing and QPL program documents, log on to eAuditNet  or contact us.

Instructions for accessing the PRI Online QPL, including screen shots, and the applicable QPL documents – eAuditNet User Guide (click here).