Task Groups


The audit and accreditation process is overseen and managed by industry. For each special process, product or system audited by Nadcap, there is a Task Group made up of technical experts from Nadcap subscribing aerospace Prime contractors and Suppliers.


Their role is to speak for the needs of the global aerospace industry and their organizations in promoting teamwork, facilitating consensus, focusing on quality and ensuring the Nadcap program is robust and representative, from a technical perspective.

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All Task Group members work together to:

  • Determine audit requirements
  • Develop documents such as checklists, training materials, etc.
  • Work with the Nadcap Management Council for continual improvement

In addition, for reasons of confidentiality and conflict of interest, Prime subscribing members of the Task Group only are also responsible for:

  • Accepting corrective action responses submitted by Suppliers in response to audit non-conformances
  • Making the final decision on accreditation, based on the audit report and subsequent Supplier activities to address any non-conformances identified by the auditor

The Task Groups also operate a number of ad hoc sub-teams as needed based on industry need at any given time.


Subscribers are members of Nadcap with voting rights in Nadcap Task Groups and at NMC level. In addition, each Nadcap Task Group may have one confirmed Supplier Member with full voting privileges at NMC except on matters pertaining to accreditation.

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