Nadcap Management Council


Nadcap is an industry-managed program. The Nadcap Management Council (NMC) is made up of Senior Quality Leaders and Managers from aerospace Prime contractors and Suppliers.


The role of the NMC members is to speak for the needs of the global aerospace industry and their organizations in promoting teamwork, facilitating consensus, focusing on quality and ensuring the Nadcap program is robust and representative, from a management perspective.

The NMC members are responsible for:

  • Overseeing the operation of Nadcap
  • Establishing and implementing policies and procedures
  • Coordinating and developing the Task Groups
  • Identifying, developing and deploying improvements


Metrics Committee

Members of the Metrics committee monitor the health of the Nadcap accreditation program and manage a framework for responding to Task Group and NMC requests for analysis to determine the effects of proposed strategic initiatives.  This is achieved by establishing measureable goals and consistently reviewing the program’s progress in achieving set goals.  In addition to the necessary data analysis, they also assist the NMC in developing strategic improvements and recovery plans.

Ethics & Appeals Committee

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the Nadcap program, the NMC has an established Ethics & Appeals Committee, which has formalized a standard Ethics & Appeal process for all program participants.  The committee is tasked with finding appropriate resolutions on any appeals that arise through the established process.  In addition, they also promote awareness of common issues raised from program Suppliers and Subscribers.

Standardization Committee

The NMC Standardization Committee is continually reviewing the Nadcap Task Group functions to better understand operational differences and drive change in the program, when necessary. The committee regularly assesses best practices and recommends strategic actions in order to ensure that all groups are able to operate at an efficient level.

Oversight Committee

This committee is tasked with overseeing the operation of the Nadcap program from a customer perspective, verifying that the Nadcap process is compliant to all procedural documents and continues to achieve its objectives relative to customer expectation.

Globalization & Strategy Committee

Participants in the Globalization & Strategy Committee work to develop the future vision for Nadcap.  This includes development of potential new task groups as well as liaising with other global quality programs, all with a goal of continuing to add value to the Nadcap program for all stakeholders.

Subscriber Accreditation Committee

Subscriber Voting members participating on the Subscriber Accreditation Committee oversee the activity of Subscriber Accreditation Options A and B. The committee monitors process requirements, scope exceptions and audit data. In addition, they maintain AC7008 Subscriber Accreditation for Option B HQ and resolve Option A and B appeals.

Definition of a Redundant Audit

This letter, signed by Subscribing members of the NMC, defines a redundant audit and represents their pledge not to perform redundant audits. View letter


All Subscribers are members of Nadcap with voting rights in Nadcap Task Groups and at NMC level. In addition, each Nadcap Task Group may have one confirmed Supplier Member with full voting privileges at NMC except on matters pertaining to accreditation.

View the list of NMC members

NMC Face-to-Face Meetings

See the Nadcap Meetings page for details of NMC face-to-face meetings