Supplier Support Committee


The Nadcap Supplier Support Committee (SSC) mission is to represent the Supplier community and work with the Nadcap Management Council (NMC) to enhance the effectiveness and economical value of the Nadcap system for the mutual benefit of Suppliers and Subscribers. Click here to view the SSC’s Mission and Vision Statements in their entirety.


Need help making a business case to attend the Nadcap Meeting? Click here to download the business case.

At each Nadcap meeting, the SSC sponsors several face-to-face sessions:

  • Supplier Orientation & Tutorial –Provide an overview of the Nadcap program, presented by a Supplier
  • SSC Meeting – General forum for discussion and report-outs on important Supplier issues
  • Information Question & Answer Session – Meet SSC and PRI staff over a cup of coffee

In addition, the SSC also sets up a Supplier Support Helpdesk at the Nadcap meetings:

  • Promote awareness of the SSC to Suppliers attending Nadcap meetings
  • Help Suppliers with the ‘where & when’ for Task Groups, SSC, Tutorials and other meetings

SSC Chair Update

Want to know more about what happens at Nadcap meetings? Read the last meeting update from the SSC Chair


Supplier Mentoring

The Supplier Mentoring program matches Suppliers who are either new to the process and/or those needing assistance with experienced Nadcap Suppliers who can help. For more information please email
Click here to download the Mentoring Brochure
Click here to download the Mentoring Request Form

SSC Request Form

Have an issue or suggestion for the SSC? Click here to submit a request.

Useful Tools

There are many useful tools designed to help you have a smooth Nadcap experience. Review the:

•   PRI Perspectives

•   Resource Library

•   SSC FAQ’s

•   SSC Handbook

•   Supplier Tool sheet

•   Website Overview

•   What you need to know about Nadcap

Supplier Survey

A periodic global Nadcap feedback survey started in 2003. Survey results are used to improve the Nadcap system and further support Supplier efforts for the benefit of all.


Supplier sub-team that monitors activities such as Supplier participation at Nadcap meetings & Supplier Voting on Task Groups, to determine the effectiveness of SSC activities. Click here for Metrics


SSC Leadership Team

The SSC is made up of active Nadcap accredited Supplier volunteers from around the globe who are willing to help new Suppliers through the process, as well as assisting experienced Suppliers to establish, maintain and improve their accredited processes.

View SSC Leadership Team members

SSC Task Group Representatives

Each special process/product Task Group has a Supplier member who represents the SSC to the Task Group and communicates systemic Supplier issues to the SSC.

View SSC Task Group Representatives members

SSC Sub Teams & Leads

If you are looking for ways to get involved in the SSC activities and share your knowledge and experience with others, join one of the below SSC sub teams. Your participation is very welcome.

View SSC Sub Team Leads

For more information on the Nadcap SSC, please contact any of us.