What is the difference between PRI and Nadcap?

PRI is a not for profit trade association founded in 1990 by SAE International. PRI administers Nadcap. Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products and provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries.

When did Nadcap start?

Nadcap launched in July 1990.

How many Nadcap Auditors are there?

There are around 200 Nadcap Auditors with an average of 30 years experience in their field. Learn more about Nadcap Auditors.

How many companies mandate Nadcap?

There are over 50 major aerospace Prime Subscribers, most of whom require Nadcap accreditation throughout their supply chain.

How many Suppliers hold Nadcap accreditation?

Nadcap has over 2,800 accredited Suppliers of special processes and products listed on the Nadcap Qualified Manufacturers’ List (QML). The QML is publicly available online at www.eAuditNet.com

How many Nadcap audits are conducted annually?

Approximately 5,000 Nadcap audits are conducted annually around the world.

Where in the world do Nadcap audits take place?

Nadcap audits take place all over the world. More than half are conducted in the Americas, nearly one-third in Europe and over 10% in Asia. The number of audits taking place in Europe and Asia continues to increase year on year.

Is there a “guidebook” for mapping out the path to success in Nadcap?

The PRI and eAuditNet websites have many resources to help Suppliers have successful Nadcap audits. The non-commodity specific resources are summarized in a spreadsheet found on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Supplier Support Committee/Supplier Tool sheet. In addition, commodity-specific resources are available in eAuditNet: Resources/Documents/Public Documents.

Is there an avenue for Suppliers to voice concerns about Nadcap checklists and the Nadcap audit process?

Attendance at your Nadcap meeting and Nadcap Task Group is the best way to meet this objective as you have direct contact with the Subscriber members that wrote the requirements. Nadcap Suppliers may and should use the post-audit survey to raise any concerns related to the audit, which are reviewed by the Nadcap Task Group and the NMC Oversight Team. In addition, Suppliers may contact the applicable PRI Staff found on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Contact Us/Staff Directory. The link will take you to a listing of PRI staff on eAuditNet and can be sorted by commodity to identify applicable representatives.

How do aerospace prime contractors utilize Nadcap in their supplier approval process?

Nadcap accreditation does not equal customer approval. However, some customers may use Nadcap as a part of their customer approval process. Please contact your customer(s) for details of their exact approval processes and requirements.

Please be aware that you do not need to have aerospace customer approvals in order to have a Nadcap audit. There are processes in place to allow for this and we will work with you to arrange your Nadcap audit accordingly.

Benefits of Nadcap

What are the benefits of Nadcap for accredited companies?

• Surveys performed on the Nadcap accredited Supplier base indicate an average 40% reduction in audits following Nadcap accreditation.

• Over half of Nadcap accredited companies report that accreditation has helped to increase sales and/or attract new business.

• 85% of Nadcap accredited companies report a measured improvement in quality as a result of being Nadcap accredited.

• More than two-thirds of aerospace industry representatives believe Nadcap contributes to the overall aerospace industry’s safety record.

How do I get the most benefit from Nadcap accreditation?

The Nadcap Business Development Tool is an excellent resource to learn how to promote your Nadcap accreditation. It can be found on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Supplier Support Committee/Activities/Useful Tools.


How do I reduce cost and time of audits?

Through careful planning and preparing utilizing the resources on the webpage, such as the mentoring program, thorough self-audit, and achieving merit.

Why can’t the audit checklists be created in a spreadsheet format, so it is easier for an Auditee to complete the pre-audit?

Audit checklists are created as Word documents due to the complexity of the required numbering convention. Excel does not have the same numbering capability as Word. Additionally, creating 2 versions, both Word and Excel, would be time consuming and increase the likelihood of errors. But for Nadcap in response to your requests, the Nadcap Supplier Support Committee (SSC) has created simple work instructions, so Suppliers can convert the Word version of the checklists to the Excel format. This tool can assist Suppliers while completing the self-audit, by using a spreadsheet format for easy completion, and by using filters to determine any unanswered questions on the checklist. The instructions are located on eAuditNet: Resources/Documents/Public Documents/General Nadcap User Information / Audit Information/Checklist Instructions – Word to Excel.

Where can Suppliers record documented evidence on Nadcap checklists?

Word and PDF copies of Nadcap checklists are available for Suppliers on eAuditNet: Resources/Documents/Public Documents/Audit Criteria and click on the specific Commodity Folder. In addition, if you would like to convert the WORD checklists to Excel, the Nadcap SSC has developed instructions to do so. The instructions are located on eAuditNet: Resources/Documents/Public Documents/General Nadcap User Information / Audit Information/Checklist Instructions – Word to Excel.

Can Suppliers facing a Nadcap audit find information on common issues found during Nadcap audits?

Most Nadcap Task Groups publish a list of top non-conformances (NCR’s) written in audits to help Suppliers learn from past Nadcap audit. These are posted on eAuditNet under Public Documents/Task Groups/select commodity.

Does the time a Supplier spends contesting an NCR count against the allotted time, jeopardizing accreditation or merit?

This question is not specifically addressed in procedures, but the answer is it could. You will need to check with your Staff Engineer or Task Group to see how it may impact your cumulative delinquent days.

How do I print additional copies of my certificate?

Log into eAuditNet and under Supplier Applications, go into Supplier Audit and select the specific Audit number for which you would like to print the certificate. In the upper right corner select “Actions”. Click on “Print Certificate”. You will be directed to another page. Click the link on the bottom left to print the certificate or scope of accreditation.

Nadcap accreditation process

What is the role of the Staff Engineer?

The Staff Engineer’s role is to review audit reports, work with Suppliers to close out any non-conformances identified during the audit and review process, and act as supporting staff to their assigned Task Group(s) during technical and procedural discussions. The Staff Engineer offers a perspective unaffected by commercial or other influences, with a consistent approach to audit reviews. The Staff Engineer also provides one focal point during the audit review process for the Supplier and ensures that responses are sufficient and will be understood by technical representatives of the Task Group who provide the final review.

Do Auditors and/or Staff Engineers get rewarded when a Supplier fails an audit?

Absolutely not. In fact, a failed audit creates more work for Auditors and staff engineers than does a successful audit. Auditors and staff engineers want Suppliers to be well prepared and have successful audits, because successful audits mean less work and quicker closure for all involved (Supplier, Auditor, Staff, Task Group Subscribers).

What’s merit and how do I achieve it?

The information on merit can be found at Nadcap OP 1111. Based on past audit performance, the frequency between audits can be extended as far as 24 months through the achievement of merit thereby reducing the overall cost of the audit process. OP 1111 can be found on eAuditNet: Resources/Procedures and Forms/Nadcap Operating Procedures/Operating Procedures.

What do the NMC Task Group Metrics posted on eAuditNet mean?

The NMC assigned metrics to each Task Group to gauge their performance. The metrics are established to chart progress to meeting specific goals and chart the program.

Nadcap Supplier Support Committee

How can I find out who the SSC Leadership Team members and SSC Task Group Representatives are?

Photos of the Leadership Team and Task Group Representatives can be seen on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Supplier Support Committee/Who’s Involved/View SSC Leadership Team members

What is the role of the SSC Task Group Representative?

Each task group is to have a Supplier appointed as that task group representative to the SSC. It is the responsibility of the SSC representative to be a conduit for information between the Task Group and the SSC, including report outs from SSC meetings.

Why can’t the SSC general meeting be held during normal business hours?

The primary purpose of the Nadcap meeting is the Task Groups. The SSC has held the general meetings at various times over the years. Because most Suppliers attend Nadcap meetings to participate in Task Groups, SSC meeting attendance has been greatest when it has been held at the end of the day, when Task Group meetings have concluded.

Nadcap meetings

How do Suppliers find out what is planned or has happened at Nadcap meetings?

Agendas for the NMC, SSC and Task Group meetings are posted on the Nadcap Meeting webpage prior to the meeting. PRI website: p-r-i.org/ Nadcap/Nadcap Meetings/Upcoming Meetings. Minutes can be found on the Nadcap Meeting webpage two weeks after the meeting. PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Nadcap Meetings/Past Meetings. In addition, the SSC Chair publishes a report via email after each Nadcap meeting.

Why are there no Nadcap meetings near my company?

For an explanation on how Nadcap meeting locations are selected, please go to the PRI Website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Nadcap Meetings/Further Information/Nadcap Meeting Location: Determining Factors.

Who to contact if you have an issue

What do I do if I have a technical issue or question related to my audit or the audit checklist?

Contact the appropriate Staff Engineer or your customer.

How can I find the technical experts for each Nadcap commodity and Subscriber?

The Attendees Guide for each Nadcap meeting identifies the Subscriber experts for each commodity. The latest version of the Attendees Guide can be found on the most recent past meeting page on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/ Nadcap/Nadcap Meetings/Past Meetings/Minutes & Other Documents.

What do I do if I have a general/non-technical issue or suggestions?

Contact PRI for general/non-technical questions at +1.724.772.8661, or for Nadcap suggestions, complete an SSC Request Form which can be found on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Supplier Support Committee/SSC Request Form.

What do I do if I have an issue that affects more than my commodity?

Contact your SSC Task Group Representative or complete the SSC Request Form on the PRI website: p-r-i.org/Nadcap/Supplier Support Committee/SSC Request Form. For technical issues, contact your Staff Engineer.